New York Sex Addiction Treatment
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Dorothy Hayden, LCSW, has been a sex addiction therapist in New York for 20 years.  Trained by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D, she has written over 50 articles and 100 blog posts about sexual compulsion as well as the book “Total Sex Addiction Recovery – A Guide to Therapy”.  Ms. Hayden has been interviewed by HBO, “20/20” and Anderson Cooper’s “360” about the effect of cybersex on the individual and on society.

Her’s is an eclectic approach to engaging  people in sex addiction recovery.  Behavioral therapy helps individuals put a stop to deviant sexual behavior.  Cognitive therapy helps clients dispute the thinking patterns about self, others and sex that keep the addiction in place.  Psychodynamic therapy gets to the “core” issues around family-of-origin, shame, self-esteem and intimacy problems.  Psycho-education helps individuals learn skills to develop healthy intimacy and sexuality.

The result of sex addiction treatment is a gradual movement from being a pleasure-seeking individual to a meaning-seeking individual who enjoys life from a number of perspectives . The client cultivates the maturation of a well-developed individual who enjoys life, work, and relationships and who has a sense of direction and purpose in life.

Ms. Hayden is a trained and experienced couples counselor.

Do you make promises about your sexual behavior that you can't keep?

Conditions We Treat if you chronically:

  • couples counseling
  • couples sexual counseling
  • counseling for sex addict/partner
  • counseling for cross-dressers/wife
  • see prostitutes
  • go to massage pallors
  • have anonymous sex
  • have multiple affairs
  • have extramarital affairs
  • frequent strip clubs
  • see all women as potential sexual conquests
  • stare at women on the street
  • compulsively masturbate
  • use phone sex services
  • engage in sadomasochism
  • spend untold hours looking at pornography
  • feel shame and hopeless about chronic cross-dressing
  • expose yourself
  • view sexual scenes inappropriately
  • visit dominatrixes that you can't afford to pay
  • are compulsive and ashamed about a fetish
  • binge and purge with women's clothing
  • keep secrets about your sexual life
  • hurt your significant other
  • are compulsively sexually masochistic
  • are involved in a sadomasochistic relationship
  • ignore activities, people and interests that you used to enjoy
  • sexually objectify women
  • can't maintain a platonic friendship of either gender
  • experience shame and low self-esteem about your behavior
  • engage in addictive crossdressing