About Dorothy Hayden

About Dorothy Hayden

Dorothy C. Hayden, LCSW, has 20 years experience in treating sex addiction, pornography addiction, sex addiction couples counseling, spouses of sex addicts, and sexual practices such as sexual masochism and fetishes.  A prolific author, she has written numerous articles for her site and other high-ranking sites/blogs throughout the internet. Considered an expert in the field, she has appeared on “20/20” and “Anderson Cooper 360”,  “The Jenny Jones Show “and “Ricki Lake” about the pernicious effects of cybersex and on a British HBO special about sadomasochism. >See About Us

Sex Addiction

  • Anonymous sex
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Visits to prostitutes, trannies, dominatrixes
  • Compulsive visits to massage parlors
  • Multi-affairs
  • Phone sex
  • Sex addiction couples counseling
  • Spouses of sex addicts

Cybersex Addiction

  • Excess porn viewing
  • Sexual chat rooms
  • Video sex games
  • Visits to Social media for hook-ups
  • Kiddie porn
  • GPS technologies
  • Texting/sexting
  • Smartphone app for immediate hook ups
  • Sexually explicit e-mails
  • Real-time viewing of actual sex acts
  • Webcam hookups and  porn
  • Changing identity on webcams to entice sexual partners
  • Use of technology to locate one-night stands or paid for sex

Unusual Sexual Practices

  • Fetishistic Crossdressing
  • Sexual masochism disorder
  • Sadomasochism
  • Fetishism
  • Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
  • Consensual S&M
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