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The New York Center for Sex and Love Addiction Treatment

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Sex Addiction Treatment


Porn Addiction Treatment


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Do you make promises about your sexual behavior that you can’t keep?

Do you chronically:

  • see prostitutes
  • go to massage pallors
  • have anonymous sex
  • have multiple affairs
  • have extramarital affairs
  • frequent strip clubs
  • see all women as potential sexual conquests
  • stare at women on the street
  • compulsively masturbate
  • use phone sex services
  • engage in sadomasochism
  • spend untold hours looking at pornography
  • expose yourself
  • view sexual scenes inappropriately
  • visit dominatrixes
  • are compulsive and ashamed about a fetish
  • binge and purge with women’s clothing
  • keep secrets about your sexual life
  • hurt your significant other
  • are sexually masochistic
  • ignore activities, people and interests that you used to enjoy
  • sexually objectify women
  • can’t maintain a platonic friendship of either gender
  • experience shame and low self-esteem about your behavior

You are in need of sex addiction treatment. With over 20 years of experience in treating sexual compulsives and their partners, I can help. Based out of New York, I am also a trained and experienced couples counselor and sex addiction therapist and help you regain your purpose in life as well as intimacy and healthy sex in your primary relationship.

There are a number of similarities and differences between males and females in sex addiction treatment. Both male and female sex addicts suffer many of the same consequences: loss of control; the use of the sexual “hit” to medicate distressing internal states and to cope with the challenges of living; as a narcissistic endeavor to shore up a fragile sense of self; as addiction to the “dopamine” rush of the brain chemical rush from sexual arousal; preoccupation with sexual fantasies; loss of productivity on the job; the objectification of people as need-supplying objects, problems with intimacy and interpersonal relationships; making promises to themselves that they cannot keep; lack of interest and energy for interests and activities for anything not pertaining to sex; loss of productive time spent on obtaining sex or looking at internet porn and deep shame and regret following periods of acting out. As a compulsive need to satisfy unmet emotional needs, sexual addiction is invariably an intimacy disorder for both genders.


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"Dorothy emphasized with how distraught I was about having found out about my partner's sex addiction. She gave me time to breathe and center. At the same time, she also held me responsible for my own life, decisions and feelings. With skillful compassion, she helped me find myself and make a satisfying life for myself whether my partner was acting out or not."

Barbara P.


Dorothy Hayden, LCSW, with over 15 years of experience in treating sex/porn addiction is considered a "thought leader" in the field. She has published over 20 articles, has written an e-book on Sex Addiction Recovery and has appeared in such media as "HBO"; "CNN's Anderson Cooper 360" and "ABC's '20/20'" as an expert in the field of sex/cybersex addiction.

Dorothy Hayden, LCSW
New York Sex Addiction Treatment

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