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Total Sex Addiction Recovery: A Guide to Therapy


Are you addicted to sex? Do you sometimes engage in degrading activities that diminish your self-worth only to find that you go back again and again?

Are you fogged out from internet porn/chat rooms, to the point that you’re not really alive?

Are you neglecting your partner, children, friends because of your sexual pre-occupations?

Are you so sexually distracted that the quality of your job performance has decreased?

Have your lies, deception and destructive sexuality engendered a deep sense of shame in you? Shame that erodes your self-worth, your integrity, your self-respect, your confidence in your ability to live a good life?

Has your behavior been the source of traumatic disillusion, betrayal and lost of trust in the woman you love? Her world has crumbled. Can the relationship ever be repaired?

Are you the spouse of a sex addict or a part of crossdressing couple who needs help in dealing with living with a man she no longer knows? Are you deeply distressed by his behavior?

Is couples counseling for sex addicts/wives and crossdressers/wives essential for you to deal with deep confusion and intense negative feelings? Will you need guidance in re-inventing your relationship in light of current knowledge?

Are you engaged in sadomasochistic activities? Do you routinely visit dominatrixes who humiliate and degrade from which you receive intense sexual pleasure? Are you bewildered about the behavior? Or why you spend such large sums of money on them?

Are youattached to a sexual fetish? Is it interfering with achieving healthy intimacy with a real woman? Do you feel shame and confusion about it?

Are you sexually masochistic? Does it interfere with the quality of other relationships? Do you get physically damaged? Do you sometimes fear for your life?

How We Can Help.

Trained by Patrick Carnes, Phd, I have been treating sex/porn addicts and their partners for 20 years.

As a certified psychoanalyst, my approach to sex addiction treatment is multi-dimensional and comprehensive. I don’t stop at just treating sex addiction. My goal is not just to stop the addiction, it’s to re-align your personality so you’re not only free of addiction but also have the skills, abilities and motivation to live a vital, healthy, pleasurable life that includes an intimate relationship with a cherished one. You’ll be able to re-engage in friends, hobbies, absorbing interests, and increase productivity/success in your career. Most essentially, you can actually achieve a sense of purpose and meaning in your life and experience calm and peace of mind.

I am experienced in helping couples in long-term relationships to restore eroticism, curiosity, novelty and excitement to their sex lives.

I have written 40 full-length comprehensive articles demonstrating the width and breath of my knowledge and experience in the field. My articles have appeared in numerous high-authority sites and blogs. I have written 150 blog posts about porn addiction help is on which is widely followed by people who benefit from the information.

I have been interviewed by major media such as HBO, “20/20” and Anderson Cooper 360 about the pernicious effect of cybersex on the individual, the family and society.

Do you make promises about your sexual behavior that you can't keep?

Conditions We Treat if you chronically:

  • couples counseling
  • couples sexual counseling
  • counseling for sex addict/partner
  • counseling for cross-dressers/wife
  • see prostitutes
  • go to massage pallors
  • have anonymous sex
  • have multiple affairs
  • have extramarital affairs
  • frequent strip clubs
  • see all women as potential sexual conquests
  • stare at women on the street
  • compulsively masturbate
  • use phone sex services
  • engage in sadomasochism
  • spend untold hours looking at pornography
  • feel shame and hopeless about chronic cross-dressing
  • expose yourself
  • view sexual scenes inappropriately
  • visit dominatrixes that you can't afford to pay
  • are compulsive and ashamed about a fetish
  • binge and purge with women's clothing
  • keep secrets about your sexual life
  • hurt your significant other
  • are compulsively sexually masochistic
  • are involved in a sadomasochistic relationship
  • ignore activities, people and interests that you used to enjoy
  • sexually objectify women
  • can't maintain a platonic friendship of either gender
  • experience shame and low self-esteem about your behavior
  • engage in addictive crossdressing
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