Addicted to Sex?

Are you addicted to sex? Do you sometimes engage in degrading activities that diminish your self-worth only to find that you go back again and again?

Are you fogged out from internet porn/chat rooms, to the point that you’re not really alive?

Are you neglecting your partner, children, friends because of your sexual pre-occupations?

Are you so sexually distracted that the quality of your job performance has decreased?

Have your lies, deception and destructive sexuality engendered a deep sense of shame in you? Shame that erodes your self-worth, your integrity, your self-respect, your confidence in your ability to live a good life?

Has your behavior been the source of traumatic disillusion, betrayal and lost of trust in the woman you love? Her world has crumbled. Can the relationship ever be repaired?

Are you the spouse of a sex addict or a part of crossdressing couple who needs help in dealing with living with a man she no longer knows? Are you deeply distressed by his behavior?

Is couples counseling for sex addicts/wives and crossdressers/wives essential for you to deal with deep confusion and intense negative feelings? Will you need guidance in re-inventing your relationship in light of current knowledge?

Are you engaged in sadomasochistic activities? Do you routinely visit dominatrixes who humiliate and degrade from which you receive intense sexual pleasure? Are you bewildered about the behavior? Or why you spend such large sums of money on them?

Are youattached to a sexual fetish? Is it interfering with achieving healthy intimacy with a real woman? Do you feel shame and confusion about it?

Are you sexually masochistic? Does it interfere with the quality of other relationships? Do you get physically damaged? Do you sometimes fear for your life?