June 1, 2016

An Overview of Sex Addiction

. It is well known among people in the 12-step programs that of all the addictions, sex is the most difficult to master.  Far from the […]
May 31, 2016

The Sex Addiction Cycle Revisited

After 15 years of working with sex addicts, I have concluded that it is not sex – per Se – that is the object of the […]
May 31, 2016

Sex Addiction As an Intimacy Disorder

The stated goal of most men and women in life is to find a partner to love, to have companionship and fulfillment in an enduring relationship.  […]
May 31, 2016

What’s the “Hook” in Sex Addiction?

A sex addiction is a habitual response and a source of sexual gratification or emotional security. It is a way of coping with internal feelings and […]