Good Reads

Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sex Addictionby Patrick Carnes, Ph.DThe book that started it all.

Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself From Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction and Shameby George Collins, MA”You are not your mind” Nor are you your addiction. Learn to detach and witness the addiction process. Separate your identity from your sexual behaviors. George must have trained with a high-powered yogi.

Facing the Shadow by Patrick Carnes, Ph.DA workbook that drives home the essentials of sex addiction recovery.

Living Sober (Alcoholics Anonymous Worldwide)A simple book for complicated people. It was written by an AA member in the early 70′s but it applies to all addicts.

Lonely All the Time by Ralph Earle, Ph.DA good all-round picture of the multidimensional aspects of sex addiction.

The Sex Addiction Workbook by Penix SbragaA must, really. Learn that relapse doesn’t happen “out of the blue”. You’re not “struck” back into active addiction. Relapse in a series of external and internal events. If you have awareness of your relapse process, you can insert an alternative behavior at any point in the process and you’re back in reality where you have control over yourself.

Staying Sober: A Guide to Relapse Preventionby Terrance GorskiThis by the guy who put relapse prevention on the map. You can’t learn too much about relapse prevention.

Healing the Shame that Binds You by John BradshawIt really is all about the shame. Learn where it comes from, how corrosive it is to your sense of self, how it precedes and follows compulsive acting out and how to heal from it.

The Porn Trap by Wendy MaltzPuts porn addiction, a true epidemic in our society, into a broad context and suggests whys to get free of it.

Treatment for Pornography Addiction by Kevin B. Skinner, Ph.DThe only book you really need to understand porn addiction and how to treat it.

Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepala GunaratanaThe primary and most essential element of working a Sobriety Recovery Program is awareness. You can go nowhere without it.

Emotion Intelligence by Daniel Goldman At last! We can all learn to be grown-ups!! Who knew?

The Addictive Personality by Craig NakkenA fascinating look at a unique way to change the way you view addiction in general. Offers ideas that help you detach your personality from the voice of your addiction

Male Sexuality by Michael Bader, Ph.DSome interesting thoughts about men, guilt, worry and sexuality. Why men can be intimacy phobic and how it effects their attitude about women and sex. I think he has a chapter on sex addiction.

Facing Codependency by Pia MellodyScratch an addict, find a codependent. For addicts and their partners. Ultimately, it’s a book about finding emotional maturity.

Mending A Shattered Heart by Stephanie Carnes A comprehensive overview about and treatment for the devastating effects of being married/partnered to a sex addict.

FOR THE SERIOUS STUDENT: Sexual Addiction: An Integrated Approachby Avil GoodmanAn in-depth, clinical discussion of various theories of sex addiction and a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.